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a blues-rock soundscape in odd-time written and performed by actor/musician/composer L P f u n K 


BYWAYZ follows a first-generation American, coming to terms with the shifting shape of the American Dream, via an exploration of the lost highways and scenic byways of the greater American landscape; while trying not to break the Four Rules of the Road. More here and on Instagram.


INVICTUS MINGUS (working title)

by Frank Harts


It’s 1966. Tomorrow legendary Jazz maestro Charles Mingus is to be evicted from his cluttered New York City apartment. Tonight though he drinks wine; cuts up with his crew on the bass and talks love, Hitler, racism, and politics with a twenty-something Jewish documentary filmmaker. This while his five-year old bi-racial daughter plays in piles of treasure and junk absorbing it all.

Invictus Mingus will receive a one-night-only presentation, directed by Jackson Gay, as part of the 2018 Pipeline Series at Dorset Theatre Festival, co-produced by New Neighborhood, in Dorset, Vermont, on July 31.



A gymnasium for the theatrical soul


New writing. Potential adaptations. An old play with a new take. Devised shit. Any neighbor can bring something to the Everlasting Lawn Party and use the gifts of the other neighbors to flesh it out. This happens for weeks. Random. Quixotic. But eventually something emerges. One of these ideas starts banging and everyone in the room looks around and says….yeah….yeah….this is something. And then the Everlasting Lawn Party focuses in on that project and we start dedicating more and more time to that project in the ELP, which is held almost every Monday all year long in New York City.

ELP special guests have included David Anzuelo, Will Arbery, Hilary Bettis, Prema Cruz, Dakota Grandos, David Greenspan, Jacqueline Guillen, Jeremy O. Harris, Sam Henderson, Amandla Jahava, Greg Keller, Aubie Merrylees, Bobby Moreno, Adriana Sananes, Bradley Tejeda, John Leonard Thompson, and Dustin Wills.

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