Dance Development

New Friday Night

A new dance from Kevin Williamson and New Neighborhood

New Friday Night is an evening-length meditation on self-preservation and queer solidarity from choreographer Kevin Williamson. Somewhere between an after-hours club and a self-care retreat, four queer dancers find refuge in each other as they weave disco, calisthenics, and rebellious movements together in a feast of erotic imagery. An intimate and dynamic ritual unfolds through pure physicality as they play the upper body against the lower––creating flow in oppositional tensions while building a lexicon of sensual possibility.

Co-produced by New Neighborhood, New Friday Night is designed to transport the black box theater anew with a world of moveable screens where unusual POVs of dancing bodies collide. Video artist/composer Anna Luisa Petrisko and Williamson layer imagery for the performers to maneuver in, over, and through to enhance the potential of digital and real-time interface. Petrisko adds digital beats, human noise, and natural elements with spoken text to propel the dancers search for renewal… never stopping. As violent news footage against queer bodies interjects the space, the dancers carry on, generating erotic-counter memories in real-time against outside forces.

Audiences are invited to view the dance from different angles––a kaleidoscope of visual imagery.  As they ebb and flow, the dance artists expose a delicate vulnerability in their efforts to transcend the status quo.


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