Offscript: This Is Going to Be a Sexy Podcast – Live from Humana!

Every other week, the editors of American Theatre curate a free-ranging discussion about the lively arts.

This week, AT travels! Again! Associate editor Diep Tran grabbed playwright Rolin Jones at the 2015 Humana Festival of New American Plays in Louisville, Ky. and made him talk to her about his new musical These Paper Bullets (his Shakespeare and Beatles mashup cowritten with Billie Joe Armstrong, and playing next season at the Atlantic Theatre Company and the Geffen Playhouse). He also gives the details on his new theatre company New Neighborhood, financed by 20th Century Fox! In Rolin’s words, “This is going to be a sexy podcast.”

Then, Diep, senior editor Rob Weinert-Kendt and managing editor Suzy Evans talk about playwrights who quit playwriting. how long a work should be considered new and what plays might win the 2015 Pulitzer next week.

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