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Our Mission

New Neighborhood exists to amplify the experiences of its fellow American citizens through the creation of Live Actions, socially interactive theatrical installations that change and grow as audience members contribute their own unique voices and diverse perspectives to the conversation.

Filibustered and Unfiltered: America Reads the Mueller Report

Long Island City, Queens, New York
June 1–2, 2019

New Neighborhood, in association with DMNDR and Slightly Altered States, presented Filibustered and Unfiltered: America Reads the Mueller Report, June 1-2, 2019 in Long Island City, Queens, New York. The event, which was the first 24-hour reading of the entire [redacted] Mueller Report, featured more than 100 participants including notable theater, film, and television artists, and inspired more than a dozen similar events in communities across the country.

Featured everywhere  from the Los Angeles Times (“a live-theater summer sensation!”) to Breitbart News (“the single most boring and pointless way to waste your time!”), the tidal wave of readings reached its apex when it was name-checked during Robert Mueller’s nationally televised public testimony.

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