Honus Honus Tour Documentary

Man Man frontman, Ryan Kattner, didn’t want to be sleeping on hotel room floors 15 years into making music, but he doesn’t have a choice. Starting over as an opening act under the name Honus Honus, he searches for the joy in making music with the people he loves. This enduring task is a hustle, and pressure for any kind of success looms in each new city and on each new stage, as he tries to win over an audience—one song at a time.

Official Selection, 2018 American Documentary Film Festival.

Winner! 2018 Oaxaca Film Festival, Best Documentary.


Starring Ryan Kattner
Music by Honus Honus
Edited by Ryan Neatha Johnson
Cinematography by Ruben Contreras
Produced by Laurel Miller & Jamie Vega Wheeler
Co-Produced by Martina Harte
Executive Produced by Rolin Jones Adam O’byrne
Directed by Jamie Vega Wheeler & Justin Carlton