Filibustered and Unfiltered: America Reads the Mueller Report

To ensure a separation of powers, the U.S. Federal Government is made up of three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. When authority runs amok, the ultimate check is the American citizen.

Beginning at 8PM on Saturday, June 1 and continuing for 24 hours through Sunday, June 2, we the people––American citizens of all ages, backgrounds, and political persuasions––will read aloud and listen to the entire redacted Mueller Report. Filibustered and Unfiltered: America Reads the Mueller Report, presented by DMNDR, New Neighborhood, and Slightly Altered States, will take place at The Arc, 36-30 36th Street, in Long Island City, Queens, one of the most diverse communities in the United States and the birthplace of President Trump.

More than 100 citizens have volunteered as readers, including Elena Araoz, Joanne Akalaitis, Loren Amor, Heidi Armbruster, Mary Bacon, Regina Bain, Michael Barakiva, Courtney Baron, John Belitsky, Kristen Blush, Mark Bly, McCaleb Burnett, Dan Butler, Oliver Butler, Adrienne Campbell-Holt, Sari Cane, Karyn Casl, Sarita Choudhury, Roger Danforth, Eisa Davis, Stephen DeRosa, Crystal Dickinson, Harris Doran, Annie Dorsen, Ned Eisenberg, Oskar Eustis, Ramona Floyd, Gia Forakis, Will Frears, Jackson Gay, Eric Gilde, Jacqueline Goldfinger, Michael Gotch, Elizabeth Grobel, John Gromada, Gordon Haber, Anne Hamburger, Rebecca Hart, Karen Hartman, Frank Harts, Philip Himberg, Robert Honeywell, Alex Hurt, Dina Janis, Julia Jordan, Melanie Joseph, Abigail Katz, Anne Kauffman, Antoinette LaVecchia, Todd London, Flo Low, Michele Lowe, Robert Lunney, Taylor Mac, Eden Malyn, Ana Margineanu, CarmenMaria Martinez, Dakin Matthews, John McDermott, Molly McDowell, Lisa McNulty, Maria Mileaf, Winter Miller, Steven Padla, Lucas Papaelias, Christian Parker, Raphael Peacock, Neil Pepe, Wendell Potter, Ken Prestininzi, Carolynn Richer, Jenna Ricker, Glynis Rigsby, Laila Robins, Nicole Rodenburg, J.T. Rogers, Jennifer Roszell, Katherine Roth, Ana Semedo, Vicki Shaghoian, Catherine Sheehy, Julian Sheppard, Howard Sherman, Leigh Silverman, Marcella Smith, Moira Stone, Sarah Storm, Lisa Timmel, Michael Urie, Karen Walcott, Brian Wiles, Pia Wilson, Elizabeth Williamson, Amy E. Witting, Laurie Woolery, Greg Young, and Ned Van Zandt.

Filibustered and Unfiltered: America Reads the Mueller Report will also feature live music and some unannounced special guests.


In order to make the event accessible to as many citizens as possible, tickets start at $10. Those who wish to pay more, may do so.

Ticket sales will cover the practical expenses of holding a safe and comfortable public event in New York City. Any additional proceeds will be donated to RAICES Texas and CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project.

Advance tickets are available online at Eventbrite here. Tickets will also be available at the door, cash only.

All ticket holders can stop in throughout the day, or stay for the entire 24-hour reading.

Meals and snacks will be available for purchase. Alcohol is not permitted on the premises.


Those interested in participating in the event as a volunteer can contact for more information or to sign up for a shift.


DMNDR is a community of music lovers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, writers, curators, and creators. The Arc is our 2200 capacity performance venue and NYC home in Long Island City, Queens. Our objective is to connect, inspire, and celebrate. Our DMNDR family spans the whole world. Wherever you are, there’s a DMNDR contributor nearby. We collaborate with the artists and the DMNDR community to create, promote and distribute art. We believe everyone has a unique opportunity to leverage their talents and resources to an end of substantial societal benefit. We know that by expressing ourselves, we make sense of the human condition, giving clarity and voice to us all. DMNDR is dedicated to amplifying our shared voice, celebrating what is so very right in the world, indicting what is not, and sharing the things that move us. We implore you to relentlessly demand beauty and magic from the limitless reservoir of the universe. Make something. Live. We’ll be here to help and support.

NEW NEIGHBORHOOD is a TV/theater/music/film/dance company whose sincerity and authenticity are so combustible they cannot be housed under one roof for too long without doing severe structural damage. Recent projects include Season One of The Exorcist (produced in association with 20th Century Fox Television); the world premieres of Evanston Salt Costs Climbing by Will Arbery (co-produced with White Heron Theatre Company) and Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s One Night Only (running as long as we can) (presented in association with WP Theater); simultaneous productions of Chekhov’s Three Sisters and the world premiere of Aaron Posner’s No Sisters (co-produced with Studio Theatre); the west coast and New York premieres of Rolin Jones’s These Paper Bullets! (produced in association with Geffen Playhouse and Atlantic Theater Company); the world premiere of Suzanne Heathcote’s I Saw My Neighbor on the Train and I Didn’t Even Smile (co-produced with Berkshire Theatre Group); the debut album of Honus Honus, Use Your Delusion, and its accompany tour documentary. Upcoming: a re-imagining of Perry Mason for HBO Television.

SLIGHTLY ALTERED STATES is a theater and film company made up of actors, writers, improvisers, educators, musicians, and designers in residence at The Arc; in the space between the dreamt-of and the actualized, the impossible and the realized, lie the Slightly Altered States. We are devoted to material that deals truthfully with the extraordinary in the ordinary, finding ways to collaborate between art forms to forge new mediums, and presenting stories from communities whose points of views are not normally shared onstage. We have a special focus on neurodiversity and autism, and are committed to changing the way autism is portrayed in media and entertainment. Whenever possible, our creative teams and casts are purposely neurodiverse inclusive, lending authentic, direct experience to all facets of the project and promoting the very inclusion the work champions. In line with “nothing about us without us,” it is time for autistic individuals to be at the helm of stories about them; we are working together to address the need for change of this narrative.


FEAST: Every Year I Grow Again

FEAST: Every Year I Grow Again

In conjunction with the world premiere of Evanston Salt Costs Climbing at White Heron Theatre Company, New Neighborhood will launch FEAST: Every Year I Grow Again, an interactive dining experience created by Listen&Breathe, at Nantucket Culinary Center, in association with Nantucket Culinary, Sustainable Nantucket and the producers of Nantucket Island.

Hungry to know where your food comes from? FEAST: Every Year I Grow Again is an interactive dining experience celebrating the September harvest at Nantucket Culinary Centre. Audience members take a multi-sensory journey through a meal cooked by Nantucket chef Greg Margolisand taste the story of what’s growing, guided by the voices of the farmers, fishers, foragers, brewers, and beekeepers behind the food.

Listen&Breathe is a group of artists who build multi-sensory site-specific experiences that challenge how we interact with each other and our environment. Created by Tyler Kieffer, Nicholas Hussong, and Hugh Farrell, Listen&Breathe develops and presents work in Europe and America. Their first project, Every morning I wake and seem to forget…, premiered at Body&Soul Festival in 2015 and was further developed at Another Love Story in 2016 and 2017, and Clonmel Junction Festival, 2018.

FEAST: Every Year I Grow Again will take place September 5–8, at 5PM and 8PM, at Nantucket Culinary (22 Federal Street, Nantucket, Massachusetts. Each seating is limited to 12 audience members. Tickets are $125 each and are available by phone (508) 228-COOK (2665). The complete schedule is available here.

BYWAYZ with Randy Roads

BYWAYZ with Randy Roads

a blues-rock soundscape in odd-time written and performed by actor/musician/composer L P f u n K 

Invited Presentation:

Monday, November 20, 2017, 3PM
Theater 80 St. Mark’s
80 St. Mark’s Place (between 1st and 2nd Avenues), New York, NY  10003

Drinks and Dessert to follow.

BYWAYZ follows a first-generation American, coming to terms with the shifting shape of the American Dream, via an exploration of the lost highways and scenic byways of the greater American landscape; while trying not to break the Four Rules of the Road. More here and on Instagram.

Reservations required. RSVP here.





New Neighborhood at Fuller Road Artist Residency, May 2017!

New Neighborhood is headed to Central Vermont to work on Invictus Mingus by Frank Harts, at Fuller Road Artist Residency May 23-29, 2017, with Jackson GayNicholas Hussong, and actor/writer Tomas Nieboer!

About Invictus Mingus (working title)

It’s 1966. Tomorrow legendary Jazz maestro Charles Mingus is to be evicted from his cluttered New York City apartment. Tonight though he drinks wine; cuts up with his crew on the bass and talks love, Hitler, racism, and politics with a twenty-something Jewish documentary filmmaker. This while his five-year old bi-racial daughter plays in piles of treasure and junk absorbing it all.

Fuller Road Artist Residency is situated on 55 wooded acres in Central Vermont in a Cape Cod house and barn circa 1828. Fuller Road provides creative focus, inspiration, renewal, and regeneration for writers, directors, actors, designers and musicians. Even in its fledgling status the list of creators who have benefited mightily from being here include The Debate Society (Hannah Bos, Oliver Butler, Paul Thureen), Martyna Majok, Diane Rodriguez, Leah C. Gardiner, Elena Araoz, Lisa Portes, Colette Robert, Laurie Woolery, Kym Moore, Amelia Roper, Marti Cassella, Jennifer Kiger, Jackson Gay, Richard Waterhouse, and Dan Butler.