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New Neighborhood is a theater/TV/music company whose sincerity and authenticity are so combustible they cannot be housed under one roof for too long without doing severe structural damage. With new work, bruised work, all-singing, all-dancing, foul-mouthed musical work, New Neighborhood seeks to harvest the organs of its audience and sell them back to their owners within the time houselights dim and rise, or the DVR records and then deletes. New Neighborhood is a particular ordinance of Actors, Dancers, Designers, Directors, Dramaturgs (all the hot D’s!), Musicians, Graphic Novelists, Producers, Writers, Widows, Widowers (all the lousy W’s) and bad, browned-on-both-sides Balladeers. New Neighborhood is the cocktail party that spills barefooted onto the lawn!  New Neighborhood is the stolen painting that washes up on shore! New Neighborhood is the lovechild of Electric Light Orchestra and Tonya Harding! New Neighborhood finds a show, produces the shit outta it, and disappears into a cloud of train smoke.